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Disclaimer: This page should contain all undecided planning applications, but to be 100% sure contact the District/Borough Council directly. Town & Parish councils receive details of applications and are consulted on them. They can submit their views (taking into account parishioners' views), but the District/Borough Council primarily look to a parish to provide local insight and may not follow the parish's view. The public should send comments to both the Parish and District/Borough Council within any deadline period. The Town or Parish Clerk's contact details are at the top of the page. You can voice your concerns to them on any planning matter. The national Planning Portal is your one-stop shop for planning and building services online.

Tue, 06 Apr 2021

Formation of vehicular access and dropped kerb to front of dwelling.

218 Charnwood Road Shepshed Leicestershire LE12 9NR

Fri, 19 Feb 2021

Outline planning application (with all matters reserved except for access) for the erection of up to 50 dwellings with internal access roads, public open space, landscaping, surface water attenuation and associated infrastructure.

Land West of Iveshead Road Shepshed Leicestershire

Mon, 19 Apr 2021

Detached dwelling to the rear of 153 Leicester Road, Shepshed

153 Leicester Road Shepshed LE12 9DG

Mon, 17 Aug 2020

Erection of a detached dwelling (Outline - Access and Layout only to be considered)

87 Leicester Road Shepshed Leicestershire LE12 9DF

Mon, 08 Mar 2021

Demolition of detached garage, erection of one and half storey extension to front side and rear, increase height of roof and alteration to bungalow.

26 Iveshead Road Shepshed Leicestershire LE12 9ER

Tue, 13 Apr 2021

Erection of a part 2-storey and part single-storey extension to rear of existing dwelling

14 Sandringham Rise Shepshed Leicestershire LE12 9ND

Mon, 26 Apr 2021

Erection of single storey extension at front of house.

30 Linley Avenue Shepshed Leicestershire LE12 9HJ

Fri, 12 Mar 2021

Two and single single storey rear extensions.

2 Glenfields Shepshed Leicestershire LE12 9LG

Thu, 06 Aug 2020

LCC TPO: SHEPSHED (OXLEY GARDENS) Oak (T1): Crown reduce by up to 3m in width & 1.5m in height

14 Banbury Drive Shepshed LE12 9PL

Wed, 14 Apr 2021

Oak T30. Raise canopy by removing heavy low limb and crown reduce by 1-2m.

128 Trueway Drive South Shepshed Leicestershire LE12 9DY

Wed, 23 Dec 2020

Residential development of up to 200 dwellings with associated access, landscaping, open space and drainage infrastructure (Outline - access to be considered)

Land West of Ingleberry Road Shepshed LE12 9DE

Mon, 10 Aug 2020

The construction of a new 132kv Switching Station and associated works..

Ingleberry Road Shepshed LE12 9GQ

Fri, 21 Aug 2020

Erection of 63 dwellings following the demolition of 62 Iveshead Road; to include associated vehicular access, open space, landscaping and drainage infrastructure. (Revised scheme: P/17/1935/2 refers).

62 Iveshead Road Shepshed LE12 9ER

Fri, 07 May 2021

Erection of single storey outbuilding to rear of property following demolition of existing outbuilding.

14 Leicester Road Shepshed LE12 9DQ

Tue, 20 Apr 2021

Removal of conifer hedge and erection of replacement timber fence

17 Fairway Road Shepshed Leicestershire LE12 9DS

Mon, 08 Feb 2021

Conversion of 1 no. two-storey workshop into 2no. independent living units and 1 no. garage into communal meeting area as part of scheme providing accommodation for assisted living by adults with specialist needs (Revised plans and information rec'd 16th April 2021).

Sheila Mee Place Britannia Street Shepshed Leicestershire

Mon, 12 Apr 2021

Discharge of Condition 3 of Reserved Matters Approval reference P/19/0352/2.

Land off Tickow Lane Shepshed

Tue, 23 Feb 2021

Change of use of place of worship (Use Class F1) to retail shop (Use Class E(a)), office (Use Class E(g)(i)) and storage and distribition (Use Class B8). PLEASE NOTE REVISED DESCRIPTION.

Shepshed Word of Life Church Belton Street Shepshed Leicestershire LE12 9AA

Fri, 26 Mar 2021

Erection of a bagged feed store.

Lindum Mill Ashby Road East Shepshed LE12 9BS

Wed, 10 Mar 2021

Demolition of an existing storage building; and the erection of a new building comprising 3 units to be used for either light industry, office or research and development (Use Class E(g)) or for storage and distribution (Use Class B8). Formation of parking area to front of site

24 Loughborough Road Shepshed Leicestershire LE12 9DN

Tue, 17 Nov 2020

Install 1 x 10m wooden pole (8.2m above ground).

3A New Walks Shepshed Leicestershire LE12 9AP

Wed, 14 Apr 2021

Proposed first floor extension to rear and insertion of dormer windows to side elevations of existing dwelling

Fenny Spring Barn Charley Road Shepshed Leicestershire LE12 9EW

Wed, 13 Jan 2021

Horse Chestnut - cut roots back to boundary

Brooklyn House 44 Brook Street Shepshed LE12 9RG

Tue, 21 Jul 2020

Discharge of Condition 7 of P/20/19/0352/2 refe relating to design of retaining structure to rear gardens of Plots 701-718

Land off Tickow Lane Shepshed Leicestershire LE12 9EY

Thu, 05 Nov 2020

Pollard ash, fell sycamore

adjacent to White Horse Woods and Tickow Lane Shepshed Leicestershire

Fri, 07 May 2021

Erection of single storey side, rear and front extension to semi detached dwelling

27 Countrymans Way Shepshed Leicestershire LE12 9RA

Wed, 21 Apr 2021

Erection of single storey extension to side and rear of semi detached dwelling

29 Lansdowne Road Shepshed Leicestershire LE12 9RS

Mon, 12 Apr 2021

Full planning application for the development of 25 dwellings (Partial redesign of layout approved under reserved matters application P/17/0246, with addition of 4 plots (37 total))

Land at Oakley Road & Hallamford Road Oakley Road Shepshed Leicestershire LE12 9AU

Tue, 08 Dec 2020

Residential development for the erection of up to 210 dwellings with associated access, landscaping, open space and sustainable drainage. (Outline - Access only to be considered) (Ref. P/19/2436/2 refers)

Land off Ashby Road West Shepshed

Sun, 07 Mar 2021

Erection of single storey and two storey extensions

Rose Cottage
Nanpantan Road
LE12 9YE

Fri, 13 Mar 2020

Reserved Matters of outline planning permission P/14/1833/2 for the erection of 220 dwellings (phase 1) ,including the discharge of outline conditions 11,14,36,39,43 & 50.

Land at West of Loughborough Loughborough Leicestershire

Wed, 27 Jan 2021

Approval of Travel Plan required by legal agreement signed as part of application of P/07/2740/2 (informative 7)

Land at Holywell Park Ashby Road Loughborough Leicestershire

Mon, 26 Apr 2021

Lime Trees T1 - T7 - pollard back to original pollard point.

29 Snells Nook Lane Loughborough LE11 3YA

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