Serving the people of Shepshed

Shepshed Town Team

Honorary Members (4 positions)

Laura Hoult (Publican) Chairperson

Neil McHugh (Resident) Vice-Chairperson

Anne Collier (Voluntary Groups) Secretary

Jane Lennie (Resident) Treasurer

Public Sector Bodies Members (5 seats)

Cllr Christine Radford LCC

Cllr Leigh Harper-Davies CBC

Cllr Richard Bailey CBC

Cllr Robin Popley STC

Voluntary & Community Groups (2 seats)

Anne Collier

Lynn Jackson

Executive Members (8 seats)

Myriam Roberts Resident

Roger Haycock Resident

Peter Grainger Local Business






Affiliated Business

Amir Esfandiari - Pizza Mia

Sam Chamerlain - Gleam & Clisten Cleaning Service

Luke Dixon - Future Generation Sports

Andy Marston - Meet 'n' Eat

Richard Late - EventCompere

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