Who we are & what we do

Shepshed Town Council consists of 15 elected councillors who serve for a four year term. All Councillors are voluntary.

The Council Offices are located in the Community Centre at 47a Charnwood Road Shepshed Leics LE12 9QE.

Council Meetings - see the diary of meetings for more information.

For further information relating to the services offered by the Town Council please contact the Clerk Mrs Brenda Snape on (01509) 508872. She will be happy to give advice and assistance.

Town Council Elections

Town Council Elections for Shepshed took place in 2019.


Contact details for current Town Councillors are listed below.

Cllr Bill Bebbington
5 Piper Close
LE12 9TF
Tel: 01509 769707
Email: cllr.william.bebbington@shepshedtowncouncil.org

Cllr Eric Chapman
2c Bridge Street
LE12 9AD
Tel: 07738104608
Email: cllr.eric.chapman@shepshedtowncouncil.org

Cllr Peter Grainger
4 Butthole Lane
LE12 9BN
Tel: 01509 821988
Email: cllr.peter.grainger@shepshedtowncouncil.org

Cllr J Lennie
8 Coachmans Court
LE12 9SE
Tel: 07736366427
Email: cllr.jane.lennie@shepshedtowncouncil.org

Cllr David Northage
17 Windsor Drive
LE12 9QR
Tel: 07432048437
Email: cllr.david.northage@shepshedtowncouncil.org

Cllr Robin Popley
119 Conway Drive
LE12 9PN
Tel: 07909447105
Email: cllr.robin.popley@shepshedtowncouncil.org

Cllr Paul Price
21 Smithy Way
LE12 9TQ
Tel: 07807774358
Email: cllr.paul.n.price@shepshedtowncouncil.org

Cllr Christine Radford
3 Moscow Lane
LE12 9EX
Tel: 01509 502974/07796544817
Email: cllr.christine.radford@shepshedtowncouncil.org

Cllr Myriam Roberts
2 Brookside Close
LE12 9HL
Tel: 01509 505456
Email: cllr.myriam.roberts@shepshedtowncouncil.org

Cllr John Savage
Twychell Cottage
42 - 44 Loughborough Road
LE12 9DN
Tel: 01509 550508
Email: cllr.john.savage@shepshedtowncouncil.org

Cllr Paul Spencer
Jolly Farmers
85 Iveshead Road
LE12 9EP
Tel: 01509 503191
Email: cllr.paul.spencer@shepshedtowncouncil.org

Cllr Joan Tassell
11a Moscow lane
LE12 9EX
Tel: 01509 506661/07791117760
Email: cllr.joan.tassell@shepshedtowncouncil.org

Cllr Ian Williams
29 Paradise Close
LE12 9PG
Tel: 07739389960
Email: cllr.ian.williams@shepshedtowncouncil.org

Register of Members Interests

Borough Councillors, County Councillor & Local MP

Members Code of Conduct

  • Code of Conduct (MS Word, 94 Kb)

    This document is the Code of Conduct which Councillors are expected to adhere to.

Shepshed Town Council Standing Orders

Our Staff

No Officer working for the Town Council is paid sufficient to make the details public under the guidance from National Government